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Go crazy with the Miracles of Visual Effects, the secret has been Unveiled !!!

Have you ever seen behind the scenes shots? Have you ever seen how these scenes are transformed into visual effects ? No…

Don’t worry… You can now see all these through 3D World Magazine Issue no. 199. A 12 page feature which flashes up on the talent of VFX effects of spellbind TV series like The Flash, Game of Thrones and discover how the CGI of these small screens are shinning like stars.

The first ever magazine which will not only showcase behind the scenes shots and after sparkling visual effects scenes but will also aid with the tutorials of the everlasting battle series “The Game of Thrones”. These tutorials will carry training for matte painting, the creation of a man made of fire, and advice on how to simulate a famous VFX shot. Isn’t that amazing??

What else can be so amazing about this 3D World Magazines when the President and Visual Effects Supervisor of Vancouver’s  Artifex Studio , Adam Stern reveals about how he created his biggest project Continuum as this issue’s cover page.

The Time Marine from the Award Winning Canadian hit series Continuum.

Don’t hold your eyes looking at the cover page only. There is lot more to come. This is just the beginning, from the next page, the excitement will take you to the tour of 3D world and lot more. This magazine is the icing on the cake for the CGI artists which contains the bandwagon of this technology and what all things it has in its store, almost the future of VFX for these artists. To add more zest to your excitement, there is a walkthrough of massive 5GB of resources, including models and setup files, textures and meshes, and video walkthroughs.

In addition to guiding you with tutorials and other resources for VFX effects, this magazine will take you to the ride of reviews of Renda PW-E7F, Unfold3D 9 and Photoscan 1.1.6, beginners tips for getting started in Houdini, all the latest 3D printing news.

A magazine worth to have.. The magic begins !!!

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